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Welcome to 2020–and my new website!

January sits right at the gate between two years, and I tend to use the whole month to transition. I think about the past, as you do, and set goals for the future. I admit, it’s hard to stay focused when all the possibilities for the year sit out in front of me!

It’s exciting–inspiring–and a bit overwhelming.

I’ve decided to bite into the “bit overwhelming” part and forge ahead with a new website for CJDWhite Tutor. This will be the one location for information about tutoring sessions, upcoming special events, news and tips related to literacy, writing, and high school education.

Planting myself in a spot on the internet is huge for me. I intend to feed and water this site so that it becomes a green oasis for parents and students who are seeking support, encouragement, and just plain MORE from their language arts studies.

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