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What People Say

“Carolyn was a great tutor to provide grammar instruction . . . Carolyn would prepare lessons appropriate for our daughter and exactly on point for what she needed to both ‘catch up’ and really understand her middle school grammar lessons.
Highly recommend!”
S.F., Doha, Qatar

“I highly recommend Carolyn as a resource for college essay preparation! She worked with my daughter on an essay for an application to attend a scholarship event. The results were awesome! She helped her take the rough draft from a somewhat detached 1st person voice to a compelling story. Best of all, my daughter has been invited to the scholarship event!!!”
–S.Z., Mequon, WI

“I have been Ms. Carolyn’s student for 3 years now and she is truly inspirational. She has always managed to assist me to her greatest capacity whether it’s reading Shakespeare, studying for the SAT, or even in revising and editing college essays. I highly recommend her considering the personal time and effort that she always provides for each of her students. She is an outstanding teacher!”
–Z.H., Katy, TX

“Carolyn is an outstanding tutor! Our daughter needed to score 20 points more on the SAT to earn the next level scholarship at the school she will be attending. Carolyn took her past SAT reports, broke them down, and figured out where she had the most room for growth. They worked together for 8 sessions and when our daughter took the next SAT, she got the additional 20 points she needed!! Not only did the tutoring help our daughter get the 20 points she needed on the SAT; I’m sure she’ll benefit from what she learned in the coming years. Thank you Carolyn!!”
–B.K., Houston, TX

“We found Carolyn on an approved list of tutors at my sons high school about 3 years ago. Carolyn has helped my son and was just what he needed. She made a connection with him quickly and he made vast improvements with his reading and writing. Carolyn vastly improved my son’s scores on in class timed writes and other English projects. Carolyn also helped my son prepare for the PSAT and achieve an excellent score. She has been very beneficial for my son and I would recommend her to anyone!”
–C. M., Katy, TX

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